A Pastor's Plea

Thank you to all who contributed to the 20172018 Catholic Ministries Appeal. Your generosity helped to support the Diocese of Rochester and its many ministries which, in turn, supports the ministries of St. Marks Parish. Sadly, St. Mark’s Parish fell $3,649.28 short of our assessed goal. This underage required the parish to take money from the regular parish funds. We cannot afford to continue to pay out of our Sunday collections to reach our goal. Although 364 households participated last year, it was only 29.93% of our parish households.

Hopefully, you have received a letter from Bishop Matano asking you to join other members of our diocese in the 2018 2019 Catholic Ministries Appeal (CMA). Our parish goal this year is $78,051, 3.1%, or $2,359, over last year’s. Not only do we face a higher goal, but already we are aware of some deaths this past year that may negatively affect this year’s participation. Although my hope is that more families than ever will participate at some level, I am asking everyone to make a special effort to participate this year and to make your pledge early. If you did not receive your letter from Bishop Matano, please let me know.

Included in that letter is your pledge card. Please pray about your gift in advance, then complete and return your pledge card right away. And be generous! What would be a good contribution? Since I do not know each of your situations, I cannot give a figure that will work for everyone. Some may only be able to afford a small amount due to financial constraints. But many are able to give a substantial gift. And please remember, your pledge does not have to be paid all at one time. You have until May 2019 to complete your pledge and can, therefore, pay some each month. The pledge is not a legally binding contract; should you die or have your financial situation compromised before completing the pledge, you and your family are not obliged to fulfill your pledge.

So, here is what I am asking of each household that is able to do so:

1. If you have never given to the CMA before, consider a gift of $30 or more each month of the campaign. If that is too much for your budget, make it less, but do give.

2. If you have given before, increase your gift this year! I have already suggested to some of you, that you give $29 each month of the appeal.

3. Those who gave more than $29 each month last year, please consider at least a 3% increase this year.

4. Everybody, pray for the success of this year’s campaign. Please know that whatever you give, there is no gift that is too small.

Your participation is more important than how much you give. The Bishop and I appreciate whatever sacrifice you are able to make.

May God bless you,

 Father Lou