Walking With Moms In Need

“In PHASE 1 of Walking with Moms in Need, form a core team.

The core team will meet together throughout the Walking with Moms in Needs process and complete various tasks, including the parish inventory, assessment, and response planning and implementation. Members of the core team should understand the purpose and vision of Walking with Moms in Need and act as ambassadors of the initiative in the parish. While the entire parish community is invited and encouraged to participate, the core team helps to organize and plan these broader parish efforts.” 

“In addition to building a parish core team, we also recommend establishing a broader parish support network. Not everyone interested in assisting in Walking with Moms in Need will be able to serve as a core team member; however, they may like to receive news and know when volunteer opportunities or related events occur. Perhaps your parish will discern that it wants to sponsor a diaper drive as part of the initiative, or a baby shower for a single pregnant mother; this will need wider parish support and extend beyond the service the core team is able to provide on its own.” 


In PHASE 2the inventory tool provides a framework and structure to help your parish think about the various resources that a mother in need may find helpful. It provides a simple form in which to compile the information you collect from site visits, phone calls, and research. In the inventory tool, each parish is asked to identify the local pregnancy help resources in their community that are currently available to a woman facing a unexpected pregnancy. The needs of pregnant and parenting moms can be overwhelming, and the sources for help may not be apparent to those most needing support.” (THE INVENTORY HAS ALREADY BEEN COMPLETED BY PEACE OF CHRIST PARISH) 


“In PHASE 3 of Walking with Moms in Need, parish core teams, in collaboration with the parish leader, will review and evaluate the results of the completed parish inventory. They will assess their findings, identify gaps, and begin planning how the parish can respond. The core team will then plan and host a parish-wide meeting in which they share the results of the inventory, propose parish responses, and invite input and feedback from the parish community. Finally, the core team, in collaboration with their parish leader, will review all the information and parishioner feedback and determine how their parish will respond. During the evaluation of your inventory results, your core team took time to identify the gaps in resources. As part of planning your parish response, your team should go through the identified gaps and brainstorm possible solutions and ways to fill those gaps. While your parish will not be able to fill every gap, this will help you to see what is required to address the gaps in local resources (The Greece area different than where Peace of Christ Parish is located),


In PHASE 4 of Walking with Moms in Need, parishes will announce and commit to their specific parish response to better serve pregnant women needing assistance in their communities. The core team will plan and host a parish-wide meeting in which the plans for a parish response are shared with the community. The core team, in collaboration with their parish leader, will also develop a communications plan to share the parish efforts with the wider community (other churches, library, beauty salons-any place which will accept information cards). The parish will then begin to implement their plans for serving mothers in need.” 


In PHASE 5 of Walking with Moms in Need, the parish will come together to celebrate all the great work already accomplished over the past period of time and the upcoming implementation of their plans to serve local moms in need. The core team, in collaboration with their parish leader, will plan and host a parish-wide celebration to honor and celebrate the parish’s progress.


In addition to launching the parish response, the core team will also look ahead and consider ways to sustain and possibly expand their service to pregnant and parenting mothers.”  (see “Pledge for Life”)