Bereavement Ministry

Everyone experiences the death of a loved one in a personal way. Some need and want to talk about the loss of a loved one while others cannot speak easily of their feelings of grief, pain, and sorrow. All of us need caring support to work through our grief and find our way in our altered condition. Praying with others who are grieving provides collective strengthening as we journey along beside one another with attentive compassion. Every person has a unique story. But we all share in the commonality of deep sorrow and the need to adjust to an altered life; the life we are called to embrace, grow through, and grow into.  Those of us who are still alive cherish the connection with those who have died and oftentimes struggle to make sense of how to go on living our altered connection.

BEREAVEMENT MINISTRY is held on Fridays 10:3012 Noon in the St. Mark Church Childrens Cry Room

For the three months shown beow, we will reflect upon the contents of the book TEARS, by Fr. Richard McAlear, OMI.

Searching ... Choosing ... Allowing
Through times of loss, sorrow, grief & mourning

Finding ... Receiving ... Gratitude
Through times of loss, sorrow, grief & Mourning

No need to register, just show up or if questions, contact Joan at info below.

For questions, contact Joan Wania by email at: [email protected]