A Blessed Christmas to you all!

Growing up in an Italian family, as well as an Italian neighborhood and parish, I remember singing and playing a song we simply called “Tu scendi”. But even though I sang the song in Italian, I had no idea what the words meant. I’m sure you have had the experience in which you recite a prayer you know well, but didn’t reflect on its meaning. We can say the words of a prayer, but not really “pray”!  All I knew was “Tu scendi” was a Christmas song that people who knew Italian loved to hear me sing and play. It was only a bit later in my life when that song reemerged, at a time when I began to really practice our Faith; meaning that God finally gets through, and calls each of us to a true and deep relationship with Jesus.  In our youth, there can be things we don’t understand or appreciate that somehow suddenly flower and bear fruit in our life in unexpected ways. Our Faith can be like the proverbial seed which remains dormant for a time, buried in our hearts, and safely tucked away for later in life, or only to be used in case of an emergency. Maybe we would be more likely to open our hearts to Christ if only we knew the “use by date” that comes with our lives and gift of Faith.

Since the poem “Tu scendi” was attributed originally to St. Alphonsus Liguori, and then later re-written by Pope Pius IX, is in the public domain, my Christmas gift to you is simply to provide you with the first verse, along with the invitation to reflect and pray with the English translation during this Christmas season. Trust me, you don’t have to be Italian, to have the tears roll down your cheeks when the words sink in to your heart, although I think it helps!  With my prayers and wishes for each of you to have a Blessed Christmas,

“Thou camest down, O heaven's King,
From starry sky,
And in a cave so poor and cold I see Thee lie.
I see Thee tremble, blessed God;
Why should this be?
Thy sacrifice, O love Divine, Is all for me.”

--Deacon Frank