CMA Campaign 2023/2024

Did you Get Your Letter?

It’s that time of the year again! The leaves are turning, there is a crispness to the fall air, the mailing with our pledge cards for this year’s Catholic Ministries has gone out and I’m checking our mailbox for my pledge card!  If you didn’t get a pledge card in the mail, you will find some on the tables near our bulletins in the Narthex and back entrance. If each parish family who is able to contribute gets their pledge in early, we could break our own record and have our goal reached before Thanksgiving! Remember, you don’t need to pay off your pledge until the end of May 2024. Last year, we made our goal right before Thanksgiving! Please pray for our success each week and no amount is too large or too small to donate. This year, our parish goal was increased by $4,000, so we are responsible for raising $80,000. It is very important that we make our goal to show our strong commitment to those most in need, to our parish, and to our diocese by our financial contributions by which continue Jesus’ mission in our world!

The theme of this year’s appeal is fittingly, “Go Forth With Christ.” Our parish family gives vibrant witness in our walk with Christ and His presence in our lives and our world. Our pledges to the CMA are so important as they: fund ministries that nurture children and teenagers in the Catholic faith, pay for the proper education of our seminarians on the road to priestly and diaconal ordination, help struggling families find their way through economic crisis and back to stability, support ministries in which we “Go Forth With Christ” to the aged, the sick, and the imprisoned, and fund the crucial work of Catholic Charities, which serves more than 250,000 people annually! 

May we continue to “Go Forth With Christ” together in our parish family of St. Marks.

--Deacon Frank