Do you remember when it was called the “Thanksgiving Appeal”?

There is plenty for everyone! You may not remember that at one time, our Catholic Ministries Appeal (CMA) was referred to as the “Thanksgiving Appeal”. The name we use today better describes the purpose of the appeal, while the previous name seemed to emphasize the disposition we have in our sacrificial giving. This year’s theme, “Sharing Our Blessings” seems to emphasize that attitude of Thanksgiving. We are simply stewards of all God’s blessings and gifts to us.

As Catholics, we celebrate our Thanksgiving not simply once per year, but each and every day! At each Mass we celebrate the Eucharist, and we give thanks and praise for God’s love and mercy through our participation in Jesus’ offering of himself for us on the cross. And we are sent forth to live this mystery in our lives. One way we truly show our gratitude to God is to be thankful by giving some of our blessings we have received to others.

I had to write and submit this bulletin article early in November, so I don’t know where we will be relative to our goal when this is published. If you have already made your pledge, thank you! Your pledge supports the many ministries here at St. Marks Parish and in our diocese. It also helps those most in need throughout our diocese. If you have not made a pledge, please do so as soon as possible. May God bless you for our generosity.